Navigating the PA Judicial System

Pennsylvania was the second state to join the union but to this day still considers itself a commonwealth.  As such there are a lot of different laws, rules and regulations that you will want to be aware of.  If after reading through this and you find yourself in trouble, consider contacting a bail bonds allentown pa company.


One of the offences you will want to avoid in PA is a DUI.  The state is setup in such a way that you can easily become entrapped into getting a DUI very easily.  In fact, the first two signs you will see when entering into the state is “Welcome to PA” and “DUI, You Can’t Afford it.” 


When you get arrested you won’t be given charges right away.  They will take you to jail and process you.  After several hours they will have an officer escort you home and notify you that charges will be sent to you in the main within thirty days.  When you receive your charges, you will have a court date and will be expected to have a lawyer and or public defender.  If not, be prepared to have a ten-thousand-dollar bond automatically given to you.

Paying for bonds

If you find yourself in trouble, make sure that you can get a bond.  A PR bond is the best one to get.  If you can’t get a PR bond you will need to come up with money before you will get bonded out.  The court will accept the payment in cash, money order or credit card.  Contact a friend or family member to bond you out since paying in jail will be impossible.

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Know the laws

The laws in PA are very different than in other states.   Since it is a commonwealth, they have the options to do things in different ways.  Try to really stay away from trouble since it can be a very difficult and expensive prospect to get out of.